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Meet the Team

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Our CEO, Kym Golding, leads the Senior Management Team and acts as the conduit between the management and governance.  He is responsible to the Board for the operation of the ACS Schools and is required to provide leadership in other areas including strategic direction and monitoring of Associated schools.
Kym has been involved with the organisation since 1987 taking on many roles in his time from teacher, to Principal, to Head of Schools and now CEO. He has a passion for Godly Education and has been instrumental in the establishment of schools both here and across Australia & the World. He has dedicated years to acting as consultant to schools both under the Adelaide Christian schools banner and beyond.

He has been involved with various Boards in the Education sector over the years and remains an active member of the Discovery Christian College Executive Management Committee. 

With over 35 year in the education sphere & 30 years in School management he has extensive experience & understanding of the corporate needs, legal requirements, governance and operational necessities of schools. 


The role of the Senior Management Team is to oversee the management of the ACS Schools as a united community of Schools under the ACS banner. Its role is to develop and monitor policy, standards, administrative processes and curriculum in each school



The ACS Board of Governors are responsible for establishing the overall vision and strategic direction. 

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